Our Pastor

Apostle Jose G. Rodriguez was born on June 12, 1971, in Laredo, Texas. At the age of 9, he and his family moved to San Antonio, Texas from Monterrey, Mexico. He grew up in the projects in the west side of San Antonio where drugs, alcohol, and abuse was a way of life. At the age of 12, he adopted this life and from this moment forward resisted the Lord.

He joined the U.S. Navy in April, 1990. After finishing basic training he was stationed on the USS South Carolina in Norfolk, Virginia. Upon his arrival to Virginia the news broke that Iraq had invaded Kuwait and in September of the same year he, along with his mates were deployed to the Middle East. He served during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. After serving his country for 3½ years, he received an Honorable Discharge and returned home. On his 25th birthday, at the point of suicide, God supernaturally intervened, saving and delivering him from darkness and placing him in His marvelous light. In a sense, the first person (his flesh) died and the second person (or new creation) emerged.

The Lord told him, “Depend on Me 100%, trust Me, I’m GOD I can do anything.” Six months after being saved he enrolled in Bible School. Apostle Jose entered full-time ministry in May of 1997 as a Youth Pastor. At the end of 1997, the Lord spoke to him and told him that he needed to get married. God supernaturally connected him to Ruby Ann Quintanilla and in their first conversation Apostle Jose told her that God said they were to get married. After spending three days in prayer, Ms. Ruby heard from the Lord and nine weeks later, on March 1998, they were married. In June of that same year Apostle Jose partnered with a bible school classmate and they pioneered Tabernacle Church where he served as Associate Pastor.

Understanding what his call was he yielded to the leading of the Lord and in June 1999, he and his wife pioneered Sword of the Spirit Church. They later merged this church with another and after some transition they founded Embassy Family Church on September, 2003. After years of personal prophecies concerning the specific calling and mandate on Pastor Jose’s life, the elders and presbytery of Embassy went into prayer. On September, 2006, in accordance with Acts 13, the elders and presbytery laid hands and set him as an Apostle called by God.

Apostle Jose is the founder and Senior Pastor of Embassy Church; founder and CEO of JGR Ministries; and founder and owner of Arise Coaching and Consulting. He is a member of ICA (International Coalition of Apostles) and PHIPA (Potter’s House International Pastors Alliance), the Pastor’s covering of Bishop T.D. Jakes. He has been a guest of Bishop T.D. Jakes’ “The Potter’s Touch” television program and also a guest and host of the TBN “Praise the Lord” television program in San Antonio.

Apostle Jose believes in living a life in the pursuit of holiness with character and integrity. He deeply loves the Lord, his wife, and his four children.